HanDs is a musician since the seventies. Never played in bands- except in the most international "Palers Band" , a Procol cover band with the support of Gary Brooker himself.

In the nineties he met Guus Laatsch, a multi-instrumentalist with a studio. He met Rob van der Zwan , one of the best Dutch guitarplayers and some other musicfriends. First of all he made the "Amorta "album together with Rob, later in a constantly changing line-up with others.

Wolfgang Lieke, a wonderful German drummer, met on one of his frequent visited Procol concerts and also member of the world 's famous "Palers Band" joined him for the "Harum Days" sessions. The love for Beatle-songs is heard on a beautiful session together with Guus Laatsch with a magnificant lead ( Guus ) and second voice by Hands.

So listen to HanDs.